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"Here is the list and short description of RD episodes from series 1 to 4. To go to the second page of episodes click here."

Series 1.

Episode 1 - The End

The Crew of the Mining Ship Red Dwarf is wiped out by a radiation leak. The only survivor is Third Technician Dave Lister was was in stasis at the time. 3 Million years later he is released from suspended animation after the radiation level reaches a safe background level, to find he is the last Human Being alive but he is not alone. His only companions are: a lifeform that evolved from his cat (which was safely sealed in the hold) and a hologramatic version of his dead bunkmate Arnold Rimmer. Lister soon finds out that he is God.

Episode 2 - Future Echoes

Red Dwarf breaks the light barrier and the crew start to see visions from the future (Future Echoes). Rimmer see's Lister get blown to bits, so the curry eating space bum does all he can to change the future. Unfortunately Lister's future looks to lie in smithereens, much to the joy of Rimmer, but not is all what it seems. The crew also see a Future Echo of Lister with two babies, but how is this possible without a female on board

Episode 3 - Balance of Power

Lister is missing Kochanski and tries to persuade Rimmer to let him swap Hologram discs for one day so he can see Kochanski again. Rimmer tries to trick Lister by swapping bodies but is soon found out. In a last attempt Lister takes the Chefs exam so he can outrank Rimmer so he'll have to let him see KK, but will he succeed.

Episode 4 - Waiting For God

When Lister was put into stasis his cat Frankenstein was safely sealed in the ships hold. During the 3 Million years the cat race evolved into Felis Sapiens. The Cat brings Lister the cat's Holy book, where it say's that their God is called Cloister the Stupid who was frozen in time. Straight away Lister click's that it's him and he follow's the Cat to an old blind priest who's faith in Cloister is fading, that is until the curry eating space bum turns up.

Episode 5 - Confidence And Paranoia

Lister decides to explore the officers quarters, or be it that of Kristine Kochanski, but he soon finds out that they have not been quarantined yet. He contract's a genetically mutated strain of pneumonia. He starts to hallucinate and they become solid clear for the rest of the crew to see, soon enough the ship is beset by herring rain and exploding sixteenth century mayors of Warsaw. When Lister awakes from his sleep he finds that personifications of his Confidence and Paranoia have materialized aboard ship, and so begins a war of manipulation and a search for the dead crews hologram disc's, especially Kochanski's, but what he finds isn't exactly what he was expecting.

Episode 6 - ME2

Rimmer had switched Kochanski's Hologram disc with his and now there are two Rimmer's on board, 1 Rimmer is bad enough but 2 is taking the smeg!!. They decide to share a room with each other but soon enough they are arguing and the original Rimmer soon moves back in with Lister, one has to be switched off, but will Lister switch the right one off?

Series 2.

Episode 1 - Kryten

Holly intercepts an SOS distress call from the crashed vessel the Nova 5. The crew soon discover that the survivors are a series 4000 mechanoid and three stunningly attractive female officers. Immediately the crew are on the pull, Rimmer decks himself out in an officers uniform, while Lister puts on his least smeggy outfit, the t-shirt with just two curry stains on it. Even Holly wears an ill-fitting toupee, but the crew soon find the women on the Nova 5 are not exactly what they expected.

Episode 2 - Better Than Life

After 3 Million years a mail pod catches up with Red Dwarf, as Holly says 'About average for second class post' Amongst the mail is a letter from Rimmer's mum telling him that is father is dad....erm...dead and that he passed away peacefully in his jeep...erm...sleep. Rimmer is upset, even though he hated him. Also amongst the post is the new total immersion game 'Better Than Life', which can make your inamost dreams come true. The crew enter the game an all seems well until Rimmer's mind can't accept good thing's happening to him and instead of making his dreams become reality, it's his nightmares which come true instead.

Episode 3 - Thanks For The Memory

It's the anniversary of Rimmer's death and the crew decide to get drunk, and they find out a few secrets about themselves. When they awake they find that 4 days have gone missing, Lister and the Cat both have a leg in plaster and most strangely of all someone has finished Lister's jigsaw. They also find that the ship's Black Box recorder has gone missing. They find it buried in a shallow grave on a nearby planet with a headstone that reads 'To the Memory of Lisa Yates', a girlfriend of Lister's 3 Million years earlier. What the smeg is going on?

Episode 4 - Stasis Leak

Whilst reading Rimmer's diary Lister stumbles across an entry that leads him to a Stasis Leak, which can take the crew back 3 Million years into the past and back onto Red Dwarf, 3 weeks before the crew were wiped out by a radiation leak. They can't bring anyone back through the stasis leak because they'd be turned into dust. There is though a spare Stasis booth and they can bring back one person, if they can persuade them to go into stasis. Lister tries to persuade Kochanski into the spare booth, only to find she's married a very familiar face indeed, whilst Rimmer trie's to persuade himself to go into stasis.

Episode 5 - Queeg

Holly forgets to tell the crew that Red Dwarf is about to be hit by an asteroid, endangering their lives. After this latest blunder the ships back-up computer Queeg 500 takes over control of the ship and reduces Holly to night watchman. Queeg makes life tough for the crew making them work for food. They talk Holly into taking on Queeg and challenges him to any game of his choice, to which Queeg picks Chess. Whoever loses will be deleted, will the crew be destined for a life of hard work?

Episode 6 - Parallel Universe

Holly invents the Holly Hop Drive which can transport Red Dwarf to another point in time in space. The crew are excited at first until they see it's just a box with 'Stop' and 'Start' buttons. Then suddenly the ship is hurled into a Parallel Universe where they meet their female counter parts. Will this be where Lister acquires two baby boys.

Series 3.

Episode 1 - Backwards

Kryten takes his driving test in Starbug, but whilst doing so he fly's himself and Rimmer through a Timehole. They rematerialize on Earth, but Earth where time is running Backwards. It's up to Lister and The Cat to come to the rescue, but when they get there will Kryten and Rimmer want to leave.

Episode 2 - Marooned

Holly detects a number of black holes on the ship's scanner scope and tell's the crew that they must leave so she can guide Red Dwarf through them.. Starbug is hit by a meteorite and crashlands on an ice moon. With only Rimmer for company Lister fight's to survive the artic conditions, starving and cold he has to choose what get's eaten last, the Dog Food or the Pot Noodle.

Episode 3 - Polymorth

A chameleonic mutant finds it's way on board Red Dwarf. It can change into anything which is bad news and is able to suck out the negative emotion's of it's victims. The crew are subjected to 24 hours of non-stop terror.

Episode 4 - Timeslides

Kryten discovers a batch of mutated developing fluid which can take the crew anywhere as long as they have a photograph of it. They discover that they can change their past, so Lister plots a scheme to get off Red Dwarf. He succeeds and live's a life as a multi-millionaire, which means the Cat and Kryten disappear from the ship leaving Rimmer to face eternity alone in deep space with just Holly, the the ship's senile computer.for company. Can Rimmer succeed in changing history and getting Lister, Cat and Kryten back on Red Dwarf.

Episode 5 - Bodyswap

One of the Scutters goe's berserk and rewires the ship from top to bottom. So when Lister order's a Milkshake and a Crispy Bar he accidently trigger's the ship's self destruct mechanism. The only way to overide the self destruct is to swap Lister's mind with that of an officer, this get's Rimmer thinking and persuades Lister to have a bodyswap so Rimmer can get the space bum's body back into shape. But Rimmer goes back on his promise and makes Lister's body worse instead.

Episode 6 - The Last Day

A mail pod arrives at Red Dwarf and there is bad for Kryten. He discovers he has an inbuilt expiry date and that his replacment is already on it's way. If he doesn't switch himself off his replacment is programmed to do it for him. The crew throw a surprise party for the 'noid, and for the first time in his life Kryten enjoys himself, after this he refuses to switch himself off. When his replacement arrives the crew confront it in the Cargo Bay with Bazookoids, but there is only one way the new arrival can be defeated and that mean's Kryten has to tell the truth about Electric Appliance's final resting place 'Silcon Heaven'.

Series 4.

Episode 1 - Camille

Rimmer and Kryten receive a distress call from a crashed Space Liner. Kryten disobey's Rimmer's command and goes to the rescue. The only the survivor is a series 4000 mechanoid named Camille. On returning to Red Dwarf the crew discover that she is pleasure gelf and appears in whatever form people want her to be. Her natural appearance is a large green blob, not that this seems to stop Kryten. His plans for the future though go wrong when Camille's husband turns up.

Episode 2 - D.N.A

Red Dwarf come's across an alien space craft. The crew search the vessel and find vastly deformed dead bodies. They split up, and Lister and The Cat come across a strange machine, which the Cat starts pressing a load of buttons. He accidently turns Lister into into a Chicken and Kryten into a human being. The noid find's it hard to adapt being human and ask's to be changed back. But before he is changed back Holly want's to make sure she can do it successfully and tries changing Lister's curry into a different flavour, but thing's go very wrong and Holly creates a Half Man/Half Indian Curry Monster. Lister asks Holly to change him into a superhuman fighting machine, but things go predictably wrong.

Episode 3 - Justice

A Prison escape pod is found floating in space and the crew take it on board. The Cat start's the unfreezing process, but he soon finds out that in the pod is rather a beautiful prison warden or a manic killing android, but he decides he's willing to take the risk of death or a date. The crew decide to open the pod in a safe place and go aboard the prison ship from where the pod came from. To gain entry the crew undergo a mind probe. All are successful, except Rimmer who get's several thousand year's in prison for the murder of the Red Dwarf crew. They also find out who was in the Prison Pod.

Episode 4 - White Hole

The crew try to restore Holly's IQ to 6,000 but a miscalculation give's her an IQ of 12,000 instead which reduces her lifespan to just over 3 minutes. The crew also have another problem, they encounter a White Hole, which is like a Black Hole, but it spew's time back into the Galaxy instead of sucking it out. They need help and have to switch Holly back on for help and it seem's the only way to plug the White Hole and fix Holly is to play Pool with Planets, can Lister save the day?

Episode 5 - Dimension Jump

In an alternate dimension Rimmer is a test pilot for the Space Core, and instead of being a total smeg head he's actually a nice guy. He's asked to try out a new drive system, one capable of breaking the dimensional barrier. On breaking the barrier his ship crashes into Starbug and sends it hurtling onto an ocean moon. Ace Rimmer comes on board to rescue the crew where he meets himself, a low life, weasely smeg head.

Episode 6 - Meltdown

Kryten discovers a matter-panel, which can transport the crew to the nearest planet with a breathable atmosphere. The crew are transported to a world which is populated by Waxdroids who at war. On one side it is all the villains from history including Hitler and Napoleon who are winning the war. It is up to Rimmer to lead the good guys to victory but it isn't going to be easy with Mother Teresa, Elvis and Einstein to name a few on his side.

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