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"Each letter has something in common with Red Dwarf. Just look below to see what it is. Please email any others that you can think of."

A is for Ace Rimmer, a hero and an alternative Rimmer from another dimension.

Annet,Chloe, the name of the actress who plays Christine Kochanski.

B is for "Bonehead", Rimmers nickname at school.

Barrie,Chris, the actor who plays Arnold Rimmer.

Blue Midget, one of the two smaller spacecraft used on board Red Dwarf.

C is for Cat, a ceature how evolved from Listers pet cat.

Charles,Craig, the actor who plays Dave Lister.

Camille, a robot who was rescued by Kryten.

D is for Duane Dibley, Cats geeky alter-ego.

Duncan, a friend of Lister's. He eventually had to move to Spain because of a bank job his father pulled, and Lister never saw him again.

Deathday, Day on which was celebrated the dying of Rimmer and the rest of the crew of the Red Dwarf. This was concocted by Lister as a sort of an alternative to a birthday for Rimmer.

E is for End,the, the name of the first Red Dwarf episode.

F is for Frankenstein, Lister's pet black cat.

Flibble,Mr, the name of the penguin glove puppet that Rimmer carried around with him, while under the influence of the Hex virus.

Felis Sapiens, the name of Cats species.

G is for Gordon, a computer onboard the ship "Scott Fitzgerlad", it also had a sudspace game of chess with Holly once.

Grogan,Clare, name of the actress who played the original Kochanski.

GELF, it stands for Genetically Engineered Life Form, which is composed of many different species, adapted to survive better in the harsh climates to which their type were sent, to colonise planets. There are also Pleasure Gelfs, of which Camille was one.

H is for Holly, he computer onboard the ship "Red Dwarf"

Hayridge,Hattie, the name of the actress who played the female version of Holly.

Hex virus, Also known as the holo-plague, this was a virus contracted by Dr. Hildegard Lanstrom, which gave her the power to tap into the hidden power of the psyche. In effect this gave her the power of telekinesis, telepathy and the dreaded Hex vision. Unfortunately, the amount of strength needed to tap into the power drained the body and killed the person.

Hex vision, A result of the Hex virus, hex vision gave one the power to literally kill with their eyes, sending beams of energy lancing from them like lasers.

Hilly, The female counterpart of Holly, Hilly was first encountered in the Parallel universe the boys found themselves in, where all gender roles were reversed. After meeting her, Holly remodelled his own visage and persona on her, though he retained the name Holly.

I is for "I am a fish", this is what Rimmer put on one of his exams 400 times!

Io, One of the moons of Jupiter, on which Rimmer was born.

Io House, The school that Rimmer went to.

J is for Jupiter Mining Corporation, the corporation who owned the ship "Red Dwarf".

John-Jules,Danny, the actor who plays the Cat.

Jazz FM, a radio station which Kryten used to be able to pick up signals from, by twisting his nipple nut.

K is for Kryten, a robot and friend to Lister and co.

Kochanski, Khristine Z., Naviagtion Officer on board Red Dwarf, and love of Dave Lister's life.

L is for Lister, the last human ever.

Llewllyn,Robert, Actor who plays Kryen.

Lovett,Norman, the actor who plays Holly.

M is for Mumps,Sapce, Disfiguring disease which makes your head swell up like a balloon.

McDonald,Mac, Actor who played Captain Hollister.

N is for Nova 5, the ship Kryten was on before he was found by Lister, Rimmer and Cat.

Necrobics, exercises for holograms.

O is for Om, the first song Lister ever wrote in the band "Smeg and the Heads"

Orange whirly thing, Cat's description of any space phenomenon!

P is for Polymorph, A genetically-engineered creature which was able to take on the form of anything it desired, at will.

Q is for Quagaar, Believed to be an alien race, and given this name by Rimmer, the "perfectly-preserved remains of a Quagaar warrior" turned out in fact to be a rancid chicken carcass!

R is for Red Dwarf, The five-mile long mining vessel owned by the Jupiter Mining Corporation.

Rimmer,Arnold, A hologram brought back to keep Lister sane.

S is for Scutters, The service robots on board Red Dwarf. They have gone a little peculiar not having been designed to be out in deep space for three million years, and are card-carrying members of the John Wayne Fan Club!

Smeg, an offensive word.

Silicon Heaven, the place where all electronic devices, having served their earthly masters, went after death.

Starbug, one of the two smaller spacecraft used on board Red Dwarf.

T is for Talkie Toaster, A kitchen appliance with artificial intelligence, and has a desire for everyone to eat toast all the time!

U is for Unicycle Polo, A game made by Lister, where two beach balls are belted up and down the corridor by men on unicycles using French loaves as sticks.

V is for VW Day, The day Rimmer hoped the Waxdroids would commemorate and remember as the day they were liberated from their oppressors: VW Day: Victory on Waxworld Day. Unfortunately there was one slight problem: since in the "push" to drive the enemy back Rimmer had lost all of his droids, and they had wiped out the evil waxdroids, there was no-one left to remember his victory as their general.

W is for Waxdroids, Androids created as exhibits in a planetary theme park, after their creators had long died off they broke their programming and initiated a war between good and evil, the evil droids melting down those of their enemies that they defeated and remaking them in their own image.

White Hole, Just as a Black Hole sucks matter out of the universe and into itself, it is theorised that a White Hole returns that matter. It is also proposed that A White Hole can return time itself, as the theory of being sucked into a Black Hole says that time is sucked in with you, and so is altered on the far side.

X is for Xpress Lifts, Company who built and (presumably) installed the lifts that take you from one floor to another on Red Dwarf. Each lift (or at least, the long-distance ones) has an inflight attendant, whose patter is less than reassuring: "If you look to the right and the left, you will notice there are no exits. In the unlikely event of the lift having to make a crashlanding, death is certain." Xpress lifts provide inflight food for their customers, piped music and, for a small extra charge, you can enjoy the in-lift movie!

Y is for Yakka-Takka-Tulla, Mentioned by Rimmer as the spacemistress in the Space Scouts, it was she who saved him from being eaten by the boys who captured him on a field trip, the leader of which, he later found, was the boy he thought was his best friend, Porky Roebuck.

Z is for Zed Shift, Name of the work detail which Rimmer headed, before the crew were wiped out. The shifts went in alphabetic order, descending as their importance increased. Therefore, A Shift would the top team, so you can see where Rimmer's Z Shift fit in.