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29/9/01 ~ Dimension Jump 2002 announced!

Dimension Jump 2002 (DJ:IX) 22nd - 24th March 2002 at Britannia Royal Court Hotel, Keresley, Coventry, England

Guests include - ChloŽ Annett, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Hattie Hayridge.

06/08/01 ~ Pasty Faces, staring ChloŽ Annett!

ChloŽ Annett, aka Kochanski, stars in a new British film named Pasty Faces. ChloŽ plays Lena, a gun-toting, casino-haunting thief. The film centres around a pair of actors who rapidly discover that Hollywood isn't all it's cracked up to be. Go to the The Official Website for more info.

16/03/01 ~ Lister & Holly in Lexx!

With a curious echo of the last series of Red Dwarf surely in mind, the producers of cult SF show Lexx - currently screening in the UK on Channel 5 - have placed Hattie Hayridge and Craig Charles into their coming fourth series.

Hattie plays Heidi, a Texan prison warden, with Craig appearing as her husband - albeit without the Texan accent - in the episode P3X. "It was good," Hattie said, "because I'd never acted with him that way before (as Holly) I was always in my separate bit."

Asked how this bizarre partnership came about, Craig said, "I think Hattie was offered the part originally, and once she'd said yes to it, they thought they'd make it sort of a Red Dwarfy tie in. Hattie plays this Texan - a cross between Jerry Hall and Daphne from A Streetcar Named Desire - and I play this English governor in a Texan jail. I'm the warden, she's my sub-warden and my wife. We've got this daughter who is completely insane..."

Did he know what he was letting himself in for? "Lexx is like S&M meets science fiction It's a very sexy show - I felt like a dirty old man half the time. During the filming, sometimes I just thought, 'I hope my wife doesn't see this'."

Hattie agrees, "They said it was the most risquť one they'd done - half-naked men holed up in dungeons. Naked women in the showers in the women's prison..."

Hattie remembers the costume being particularly fun, "The costume woman said, 'Oh, you're much thinner than I thought you'd be. Maybe we'll change it when you get over here...' She was imagining a great big, fat Texan! I was meant to be wearing trousers and a shirt - it was a little bit Cell Block Hy. But when we got there, me and the make-up women and the costume women got together, all girly, and made her a bit more Dolly Parton! It's still prison uniform, but I wear a shirt that's two sizes too small and a really short skirt. They curled my hair up - just a few curls, my own hair."

"Hattie is horrible in it!" Craig insists. "She's horrible - the wife from hell. She's really mean - the wife from hell! She constantly insults me." Hattie agrees: "It's a marriage not made in heaven. We were thinking, 'Where would we have met?' Because I'd obviously never been out of Texas. He must have been passing through when we met, and married."

But perhaps the most memorable part of the shoot was the weather. "Halifax, Nova Scotia - the coldest place I've ever been," Craig shudders. "It was like minus 20 over there! They had the worst recorded level of snowfall since records began while we were over there. It was great - like a big winter wonderland."

Although - Craig being Craig - there is one other abiding memory, "All the cast are really nice. Michael McManus is a nice fella. Didn't really socialise with the girl who plays Zev. She's got remarkable lips. They can't be real! Apparently one of the cameramen was saying that sometimes they cast shadows!"

Taken from The Official Red Dwarf Site

20/01/01 ~ Danny John-Jules signs up for Blade 2

Danny John-Jules (aka Cat) has recently signed up for the sequel to the smash hit vampire action movie Blade. Blade 2:Bloodlust, will again feature Wesley Snipes as the half-man, half-vampire out for revenge. The plot apparently centres around a group of mutated vampires who will even feed off their own kind, thus threatening both the human and vampire populations.

The film will be directed by Guillermo del Toro, who has already scared the pants off audiences with Cronos, the tale of a kind of vampiric clockwork insect, and the Mira Sorvino sci-fi chiller Mimic.

Danny is just a part of the largely European flavour the film is taking.Aside from del Toro, Alien: Resurrection's multi-lingual Ron Pearlman and Britain's own Luke 'Bros' Goss are also slated to appear alongside Snipes and Kris Kristofferson, who reprises his role of Whistler, even though he was killed off in the first movie!

Shooting of the million movie begins in the Czech Republic's Prague Studios in the Spring.

Taken from The Official Red Dwarf Site

20/01/01 ~ Rimmer in Tomb Raider Film!

Chris Barrie (aka Rimmer) seems determined to get into the film business early as it is announced that he will be taking a key role in the forthcoming Tomb Raider blockbuster, based on the massively successful video game.

Lara Croft will be played by Angelina Jolie, the daughter of John Voight, who has apparently undergone rigorous training and voice-coaching for the role. Chris will play Hilary, Lara's butler.

Given this casting, it's hard to imagine the film will be taking itself too seriously. Interviewed recently, Chris admitted, "I think there is a comic element to it."

The film like the game, will have more than a touch of the Indiana Jones's about it and will be directed by Con Air helmer Simon West, who has put off directing The Prisoner movie to take Lara on.

Asked how he became involved with the film, Chris said, "I went to see Simon West, the director, early in the summer and we had a nice chat. He's a very down-to-earth English guy, no airs and graces. We just chatted about it and I seem to remember him saying that if anything came to mind as they were writing the screenplay, he'd bear me in mind.

"I'd forgotten about it, and I read somewhere that Tomb Raider was starting to shoot - it reminded me that I'd been to the casting! I thought, 'Oh well, bang goes another one. Hey-ho, such is life.' And lo and behold I get this call that they want me on board! So you don't really ask questions about what went before. You just get there, hit your marks and do your lines."

Director West has already admitted that he does not have a huge interest in video games, and while Chris shares his lack of fascination, he does admit that, when playing on a simulator recently at a corporate event, he was almost lured in: "The jet-biking one I just couldn't get off! So I thought, 'I'm not going to have a go on the other machines or games, otherwise I'm likely to be hooked!' For the first time ever the virtual reality on the jet-bike really did hit home. In a few years time it's going to be mind-blowing!"

Does he think he'll end up with one at home? "I reckon so!"

The film is currently in production at Pinewood Studios and is due for release next year.

Taken from The Official Red Dwarf Site

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