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'I am
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I am Holly, the website's computer. I have an IQ of 6000, the same IQ of 6000 PE teachers.

This is Red Dwarf Universe, one of the best Red Dwarf fan sites around. There are games, images (200+), character profiles and episode guides and loads of other things to do. Plus the latest news about the show, the actors, and the movie.

I (Holly) will be your guide and show you around, on every page I'll be there to show you what is on it and what to do.

To enter Red Dwarf Universe click on the 'ENTER RED DWARF UNIVERSE' button below, enjoy"


IMPORTANT : Hi, sorry this site hasn't been updated in such a long time but I've been busy with the rest of my life. I'll try and tidy things up now and again and maybe even give you "the lastest news"! Thanks for all the support

Don't look so sad, the Red Dwarf movie is gonna be out next year!!